Miracle ® - Viola odorata

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Viola odorata „Miracle®“

Reviving tradition.

Hardly any other plant has attracted so much attention over the centuries as the sweet violet. In a thoroughly positive sense, of course.
Whether as a medicinal plant or as the first scent of spring, Viola odorata has always been one of the best-loved plants in Europe.

The violet was a popular motif in Greek mythology and the followers of Napoleon chose it as their emblem. However, the real propagators of the plants popularity were poets and lovers. Goethe, Wordsworth, Rosetti and many others brought the myth of the sweet violet to life in prose and poetry. Another example tells of a French nobleman in the 18th century who had his own sweet violet nursery built for him so he could present the object of his affections with a fresh bouquet of violets every day. It is not known whether „Miracle®“ breeder Thomas Kuffel had the same motives, but his company has been the leader in developing and distributing the sweet violet for over 20 years.

A small flower with a big heart

All the seedling types available have several years of „probation“ behind them.
Each one is true-bred and has rich to very rich flower coverage, without incurring any energy costs. As a genuine cold greenhouse plant or bedding plant which grows without any need for inhibitors, is it also „pleasantly“ frugal when cultivated. And that's not all: Viola odorata is naturally very resistant to diseases and pests.

Thanks to its early flowering date and its wide range of uses, Viola odorata is not only one of the first sales drivers of the year, it also generates top margins.